Kamlyn – Massage Therapist

Meet Kamlyn, Massage Therapist at our St. Charles location.  I’m very passionate about the musculoskeletal system and complementary medicine; I know the body heals not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Massage addresses all three beautifully. I not only inspire to affect the muscular system through massage but through connected breath and aromatherapy/other modalities of bodywork, I make sure to relax the mind and help with the connection to their spirit.

What is the biggest inspiration you have for entering the spa and wellness industry?

A peaceful rewarding job is my biggest inspiration. I’ve heard from my clients the relief and sense of healing they receive through my massage that carries through the week and longer. I believe the spa industry adds the relaxation that lowers stress levels for an extended amounts of time.

How long have you been in your current field (massage therapy, esthetics, nail tech)?

Massage Therapist for 18 years and teaching massage for the last 8 years. My history is in dietetics with my BS in Human Nutrition and minor in Kinesiology.

 Describe a time when you exceeded your guest’s expectations.

Every time!  Honestly, I try to exceed expectations for every guest. I like being treated that way so I like to give that level of care. However, one I’ll never forget – I had a client with extremely sensitive skin (psoriasis). We tried every oil/cream from basic therapeutic blends, jojoba oil all the way to edibles like grapeseed and olive. I really tried to think out of the box and tried unique ways to not cause her skin to inflame.  After months of experimenting we finally found an oil that didn’t adversely affect her skin. However, it slightly irritated my skin… I never told her but I got a (quick to fade) rash every time I massaged her.

What is your favorite massage related tip that you share with your guests for self-care?

I always share what I know about proper body mechanics.  Basically, the correct ways to walk, sit and stand catered to the individual. You’d be surprised how often people neglect their body on a daily basis. Some small and simple adjustments can help alleviate their aliments.

 What is your favorite thing about Spa Vargas and why you chose to work for us?

This is an easy question! I love the ambiance, the ultimate pamper experience, the team feel from the staff and the extreme friendliness from all of my superiors.

Any Extra Special Education and or Certifications you have that you are proud of?

Since cupping is trending right now thanks to Michael Phelps and the Olympics. Myofascial Decompression (cupping) is a way to increase healing when added to massage or given alone. I see the benefits not only to the athlete but the everyday person as well.