Aleah – Massage Therapist

Meet Aleah, Massage Therapist at Spa Vargas Wellness.  She strives to develop a professional, client-centered atmosphere. Using her skills to provide a bodywork treatment focused on relaxation, pain relief, rehabilitation, and recovery from injury. Her goal for each client is for them to leave in a better state than when they came in.

 What is the biggest inspiration about your career?

I chose massage because I like knowing that I can help someone feel better-whether it be a pain in someone’s muscle, to someone who’s just having a bad day and need of the stress relief. This profession holds many benefits that some don’t recognize right away and that’s the beauty about it. Also with this field, comes education the more you excel into this path. Within these last two years of my massage career.

Describe a time when you exceeded your guest’s expectations.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” This has been my life quote for longer than I can remember and I use it to this day with my massage career. I give my clients the upmost, genuine care because I believe that’s the ultimate goal in this profession. When you care for people that attitude reflects from them later on. When you treat people good; they want to do got onto this world and others around them. 

What is your favorite massage related tip that you share with your guests for self-care?

I never thought that I would be able to educate people; education about the muscles and how knots form, how to release a trigger point, what’s the difference between a deep tissue and Swedish massage (a lot of people don’t know that one), or just by simply telling somebody to drink a little extra water to cleanse out the body. It’s mainly all about taking care of the human body and that’s the greatest treasure about it. Who doesn’t want to take care of their body? 

What is your favorite thing about Spa Vargas Wellness?

Spa Vargas gives me diversity; in the fact that I can incorporate aromatherapy into every massage, I can cater to people’s needs, like working out knots, verses just giving them a relaxing massage, teach them at-home stretches to release chronic pain and overall just give them a pleasurable experience enough to make them want to come back. It’s a place that I can do what I love to do and that’s what matters! 

Education and Certifications

College of DuPage – Massage Therapy Certification
Harper College – Reiki Level 1