Carly – Assistant Spa Manager & Marketing Specialist

Overview  Meet Carly, Assistant Manager and Marketing Specialist at Spa Vargas Wellness.  She strives to provide a nurturing and calm atmosphere to make every guest’s experience the best possible!  She has tremendous experience with customer service and the business side of the Spa’s bringing experience from various local day spas.  She will be developing exciting promotions over time to truly focus on the guest experience.

What is the biggest inspiration you have for entering the spa and wellness industry?         I have always believed in having a healthy outlook on life and have loved learning more ways to achieve this.  Over the past few years, I have felt working in the spa and wellness industry has been rewarding for myself as well as a way to help others bring wellness in their lives.

Describe a time when you exceeded your guest’s expectations.  I have always believed in exceeding every guest’s expectation the second they walk in the door. Everyone should receive special treatment and be first priority and from my experience that has been very gratifying.

What is your favorite wellness related tip that you share with your guests for selfcare?To not let fear stand in your way of trying new and healthy things for yourself.  Take that yoga or Zumba fitness class you’ve always wanted to!  By challenging myself to try new and exciting things my mind and body has become rejuvenated and my life more exciting.

What is your favorite thing about Spa Vargas Wellness? My favorite thing about Spa Vargas is its focus on truly giving guests an enjoyable and benefitting experience.

Education and Certifications                                                                                                                               2 years Business Marketing at Aurora University. 1 year experience in Massage Therapy program at Waubonsee Community College.

What are some of your passions outside of Spa Vargas?                                                                       I am very passionate about cooking!  I have recently become obsessed with finding short, easy but also creatively healthy meals I can cook throughout the week.  I can also now say after finding the courage to meet with a personal trainer weekly; lifting and circuit training has become a new and exciting passion of mine as well.