Dee – Spa Manager

Meet Dee,  Spa Manager and Instructor at Spa Vargas School of Massage Therapy.  She strives to develop a relaxing and therapeutic, guest-centered atmosphere. Focusing on ensuring the guest has received the best care with service and homecare products.  Her goal for each guest is for them to leave in a better state than when they came in.

What is the biggest inspiration about your career?

Prior to my Massage Therapy Career I was in the Business Field in some form or another. I worked long hours, some days without any face to face contact with people. I decided to reevaluate and chose Massage Therapy as my new profession.  My biggest inspiration is my mother. I believe that Massage Therapy should be available to everyone especially those who have the heavy duty labor jobs. To help someone get through a tough day of work can be the most rewarding.

Describe a time when you exceeded your guest’s expectations.

There have been numerous times where I would skip my break just to give extra attention to an area that did not want to let go. I can also recall times when someone just needed some compassion because of what was going on in their lives. Whatever the case I think as a therapist we already have that built in standard to help someone as much as we can. We all have that ability it’s just a matter of are we willing to take that extra step!

What is your favorite massage related tip that you share with your guests for self-care?

Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Our  bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. STOP and give yourself a break, and of course some hydration and nourishment.

What is your favorite thing about Spa Vargas Wellness?

All of the staff, and the possibilities and growth that we can achieve together.

Education and Certifications

Chicago School of Massage Therapy  – Massage Therapy Certification
Wilbur Wright College