Denise – Spa Manager

DeniseUruetaMeet Denise, Spa Manager at Spa Vargas Wellness.  She manages Garlands of Barrington and Friendship Village of Schaumburg.  She enjoys a rewarding career taking care of our guests and listening to their stories.  The various roles within Spa Vargas has provided her with a strong foundation to manage our spa where she started as a receptionist.  Denise’s focus on the guest is her number one priority. 

What is the biggest inspiration you have for entering the spa and wellness industry?
I worked within a Chiropractic setting for eight years and witnessed the wellness side of healthcare by taking care of the cause and not just the symptoms.

Describe a time when you exceeded your guest’s expectations.

I treat how I would like to be treated.  I have been told on numerous occasions during my massage schooling that “the massage was their best massage experience yet” and for me that alone is the motivation for me to continue to do my best.

 What is your favorite health related tip that you share with your guests for selfcare?

Stretch!  Stretch!  Stretch!  Stretching promotes oxygenated blood to flow throughout the body.   Oxygen is one of the body’s natural healers. Under stress, increasing the oxygen flow will help with healing and will also help alleviate pain.

What is your favorite think about Spa Vargas?
How as a team we focus on the wellness of each guest that comes in to Spa Vargas.