Jermel – Nail Specialist

Meet Jermel Giddens, Nail Specialist and Cosmetologist at Spa Vargas Wellness.  Following a love for beauty and giving advice to friends and family, she has pursued a career in the spa and wellness industry.

How did you get involved in spa and wellness industry?

I got into cosmetology by being very infatuated with beauty and always being the go to person for hair, makeup, fashion tips and nail design.  I feel that everyone, both males and females, care about the way they present themselves and about the way others look at them. If someone’s hair, makeup, and clothing are put together, they can make a person feel good, and I enjoy being the one to help make others feel good about themselves.

Why is having a pedicure important?

Having a pedicure is very important because, along with the heart and spine, feet are crucial to one’s balance. Taking care of your feet can mean relieving body pain, fighting diabetes, and preventing sores and infections that may be caused by daily activities. The average person is standing on their feet 75% of the day, walking, running, or standing. Internal problems caused by various stressors start to have an effect on the nails of one’s feet and hands, so it’s important to take care of them. Additionally, who doesn’t want to show off pretty feet in the summer time?

What do you most enjoy about Spa Vargas?

I enjoy having a place to explore my many talents and show off my artwork through nails. I enjoy meeting many different people and the diversity within the company.

Education and Certifications

2009 – Cosmetology School
2011 – Cosmetology Certification
2014 – Spa receptionist
2011-current – Business Management