Jessica – Spa Manager

JessicaDeAngeloMeet Jessica DeAngelo, Licensed Esthetician and Spa Manager at Spa Vargas in Barrington.  She followed her passion for skincare after experiencing her first facial.  Over the past 13 years, she has grown and contributed to the success of Spa Vargas.    

How did you get involved in esthetics?

When I received my first facial, I found the whole experience intriguing.  I already had a good knowledge about my own skin due to my personal interest.  The esthetician encouraged me to pursue skincare because he saw that I interacted well with people and thought that I would really love the field.  I originally worked in the office of my family business and, after a while, wanted to find something more fulfilling.  I’m very grateful for that esthetician’s advice because I loved every minute of school and I still enjoy learning about the ever-evolving technologies and skin care ingredients that can help all types of facial clients.  And most importantly, I love assisting my clients reach their skin goals

Why is body waxing important?

Body waxing is a convenient and comfortable way to remove unwanted hair.  For many busy women in a professional setting, a body wax allows them to not worry about body hair for weeks.  For people with sensitive skin who may not be able to shave without getting bumps or burns, body waxing allows them to safely remove otherwise troublesome hair without the risk of unsightly or unhealthy skin damage.
I have a very loyal waxing clientele and am always happy to hear that they come to me not only for my talent, but also for the way I make them feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable setting from their very first service.  Brazilian Bikini Wax and Eyebrow Shaping are my specialties! 

What do you most enjoy about Spa Vargas?

I enjoy the people!  I love my clients, many of whom I have had for over 12 years, and I love working with my team!  We are all very close and I have enjoyed seeing their families grow and evolve along with mine.  I work with a group of people that care and strive to do the best; that inspires me daily!  Spa Vargas has allowed me to grow within my field along with career growth opportunities in business management. 

Education and Certifications

Certificate of Esthetics from College of Beauty Culture with High Honors
BioElements Certification
Eczema and Psoriasis Certification from Dermalogica
Hyperpigmentation Certification from Dermalogica
Skin Analysis Certification from Dermalogica