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Ideas for Holiday Giving—Spa Gift Sets

We have 3 nicely boxed gift sets for you to choose from that are perfect for gifting this
holiday season. They are only available in the spa, so stop by and take a look.

Romantic Indulgence
Gift Set

Indulge your romantic
side with our Vanilla
scented rose petals for
the bath, and Chocolate
scented candle that melts
down to a luxurious body
massage oil. Pure

Grounding Experience
Gift Set

Indulge in a trilogy of bath
products scented with
frankincense and myrrh.
Find balance and comfort.
Included is a grounding
body mist, bath bar, and

R&R Rescue
Gift Set

Allow yourself to rest and
relax with a lavender
scented candle, bath
soap, and bath salts.
Complete your experience
with our signature Aroma
Bar Spa Vargas Lavender
Body Mist.

With Sposh® Spa-Crafted Linens, you’ll rest on the same linens you’ll find on luxurious massage tables of top-rated spas around the world. These high-quality linens provide airflow while you sleep, creating a soothing feel for you to sink into as you let your worries melt away. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

There’s also coordinating microfiber robes, ultra-plush chelour robes and throws, quilted blankets, and sandal slippers to create that luxury “spa-at home” feeling.


Wellness Planning

A consulation to develop a Wellness Program empowering a more personalized and proactive approach to your health and wellness plan.

Complete Bridal Look

Mobile nn-location available.
Travel fees apply.

We encourage all brides to bring in pictures of your desired looks. Also, please bring in veil or any hair accessories that will be worn. On location available. Travel fees apply.

Hair Design
Bridal Hair Design Preview $80
Bridal Hair Design starts at $95
Guest Hair Design Preview $50
Guest Hair Design $80
Guest Short Hair Style Only $50
12 & under Hair Design $40
Groom Style  $35

Hi-Def Makeup

Traditional & airbrush application available

Bridal Preview Makeup $80
Bridal Wedding Makeup $95
Guest Preview Makeup $50
Guest Hair Design $80
Guest Makeup $75
12 or under Makeup $40
Lashes  $35

Blending Bar

Blend your own Mist and Massage Oils to fit your needs! Join us Thursday nights for our workshops!

Spa Party for All

Celebrate with an exceptional experience
and beautiful memories!
• Bridal Parties   • Bachelorette Parties
• Girl’s Night Out   • Birthdays
• Baby Shower   • Anniversaries
• Work Retreat & Team Building

Loyalty Program

Save 20% Mon-Thurs
Contact us about the details of our neighborhood Loyalty Program. The more you visit, the more you save!

Live Life Well
Spa Boutique

Products focused on Wellness, Muscle Relief
and Self Care. Find the perfect relief items
for yourself and others. We also provide gift
basket creation assistance so you can create
an unique gift set.

Spa Etiquette

All reservations must be guaranteed
with credit card.

Cancellation Policy: Reservations must be canceled 24 hours prior to the arrival date. A charge for the services scheduled will be posted to the credit card on file, if canceled less than 24 hours prior to the arrival date.

One week notice is required for group parties.

Children under the age of 18 need to be
accompanied by an adult.

Gratuity is not included in any service price.

No services other than those listed shall be
provided for any compensation whatsoever. There shall be no bargaining or solicitation for services between patrons, massage therapists, or employees.

**All prices are subject to change without notice**