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Spa Vargas Wellness Workshops & Seminars

Aromatherapy Blending Bar

Blend your own Mist and Massage Oils to fit your needs! Join us on Thursday nights for our workshops!

New! Aroma Blending Workshops

We now have Blending Workshops for you to participate in. Every workshop has it’s own unique Blend to target different properties! Relaxing activity for one to many. Workshops are available with instruction and education on essential oil blending. Call 630.307.1100 to reserve your spot.

Relationship Workshops for Couples

Art of Touch: Couples Massage Class 50 min or 100 min.

Couples learn basic, easy-to-follow massage techniques and proper ways to use pressure torelax each other in a non-sensual way.

”Something to Talk About” 50 min.

Are you tired of apologizing because your words are misunderstood? Learn how to communicate effectively, listen and truly be heard. End the conflict, heal the hurt and restore the love in your relationship.

“Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby” 50 min.

Do you wish for more romance and intimacy in your relationship? Do you desire a deeper physical connection with your partner? Learn how to interact with each other.

”We Can Work It Out” 50 min.

Learn how to come together and avoid painful arguments. Develop a plan to effectively decide on matters of financial spending, child rearing, sex, vacation planning and more.

Motivational Workshops for Corporate

These offerings can be customized to meet the needs of your group — just let us know!

Bridge Walking (Most Popular) 50 min.

Removing the barriers that tend to hold us back from greater success in our careers, in our businesses and our lives. Skills to determine which side you are on and how to cross with confidence! Customized to your groups focus. Level 1-3.

For Change, YOU Must Change 50 min.

Easy to identify and set goals within a business or one’s life to improve, BUT difficult to achieve/implement. With focus and determination, you can create a plan and get closer to a stronger company, more accomplished career or an improved lifestyle.

ARE YOU READY! 50 min.

Take charge of your destiny for yourself and/or your business. Learn to become more effective and efficient and proceed with PURPOSE. Focusing on being prepared and proactive, allows you to succeed and accomplish so much more.

TeamBuilder: Aroma Blending TED Talk Challenge 50 min.

Break into groups to blend your own signature scent with a TED Talk to support each group. Great opportunity for groups to come together.

Gift Sets

Gift sets are available that can be presented to your team, guests or clients upon arrival. Provide a theme and a budget and we will create something unique and special.

On-Site Stations

On-site spa services for events or meetings; select from chair Massage or mini facials. Breaks up strategy sessions or rewards clients at VIP events. Set-up at your location or Garden Atrium pool-side.

Wellness Planning

A consulation to develop a Wellness Program empowering a more personalized and proactive approach to your health and wellness plan.

Spa Party for All

Celebrate with an exceptional
experience and create some
beautiful memories!
• Bridal Parties
• Bachelorette Parties
• Girl’s Night Out
• Birthdays
• Baby Showerers
• Anniversaries
• Work Retreats
& Team Building

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