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Bellabaci Face cups 1 Pr.


Provide the latest in specialized cupping therapy with Bellabaci Face Cups. These pliable cups are specifically designed for optimal facial massage, while helping to cleanse pores, remove excess oil and dirt, and smooth the skin’s texture. The Bellabaci Facial Massage System contains both a soft and hard silicone cup for two differing suction levels. Clear. Instructions included.

Features and Benefits

By Creating suction onto the skin, these easily pliable silicone hand-squeezed cups assist as: a Pore cleanser, Tones skin and removes excess oil and dirt, Nourishes blood supply to the skin and increases suppleness, Strengthens the renewing power of the skin, Improves and softens scar tissue, Smoothes stretch marks and clears broken capillaries Improves skin tone and texture by gently stretching the fibroblast cells, Enhances product absorption, Expels toxins to be removed by the lymphatic system, Refines pores and improves micro-circulation


Apply a cleansing cream or gel. Squeeze the cup approximately in the middle. Move the cup according to the diagram provided in the packaging.


Food Grade Silicone

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