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Bellabaci Super Cups Set 1 Pr.


Provide the latest in specialized cupping therapy with the Bellabaci Super Cups Set. These large, pliable cups are specifically designed to help ease muscle discomfort and smooth the skin’s texture. The Bellabaci Massage System contains 2 medium strength, XL cups. Clear. Instructions included.

Features and Benefits

By Creating suction onto the skin, these easily pliable silicone hand squeezed cups assist with tired overworked muscles, relieves general pain, improves cellulite, Improves poor blood circulation, Helps with fluid retention, Strengthens the elasticity of your skin, Great to be used for stationary cupping or for larger areas.


Lather up with the Bellabaci Genie in a Bottle Oil Lotion, squeeze cup gently, and set down on treatment area. Glide the cup in linear, circular, or zigzag motions. Use daily for 10 minutes to achieve wellness goals.


Food Grade Silicone

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