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Cailyn iCone Angled Contour Brush


Deliver a beautifully buffed finish in less time with this first-ever slanted top contour brush! The CAILYN® iCone Angled Contour Brush has super smooth, short bristles to reach every contour, crease, and crevice. These dense bristles allow for a quick, controlled, and even application of liquid, gel, cream, and powder formulations. Steel bottom platform includes a magnetic stand to keep brushes clean and organized without losing their natural shape. One of 18 uniquely designed facial brushes in the iCone collection.

Features and Benefits

  • Magnetic
  • Light-weight steel platform
  • Professional grade
  • Usage

    Apply cream or powder contour shades to brush add darker shade on forehead, cheekbone, jawline, and nose area to define areas and buff out onto highlight area for a defined contour.


    Synthetic Hair

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