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Cailyn Star Wave Glitter Tint

01 Gemini
02 Taurus
03 Leo
04 Scorpio
05 Virgo
06 Libra
07 Aquarius
08 Pisces


CAILYN Star Wave Glitter Tint is high impact glitter tint with a wave of lightweight, fine glitters to add glamorous sparkle to lips. The creamy texture glides on smoothly, and fine particles are soft enough to be applied to sensitive lips. The innovative light-reflecting glitters shine brightly under the sun or the limelight! Make bold self-statement with eight captivating shades of Star Wave Glitter Tint.

Features and Benefits

  • Add glamorous sparkle to lips
  • Lightweight glitter gloss
  • Glides on smooth
  • Soft enough for application to sensitive lips
  • Usage

    Using built-in lip gloss applicator, apply CAILYN Star Wave Glitter Tint evenly onto lips. Apply second layer to achieve even greater glittering look.

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