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Cellex-C Age•Less 15 Skin Signaling Serum



Give the skin a youthful refresh with Cellex-C® Age
  • Less 15® Skin Signaling Serum. This pale liquid gel contains a proprietary Phyto-Glycan Complex™ from Cellex-C. Includes a breakthrough formulation of specific ingredients that works to revitalize the skin and reveal a more youthful appearance. Helps firm the appearance of the jaw, chin, and neckline, adds volume and resilience to the look of flaccid, sagging skin. Should notice improvements in 5 weeks. Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic. Oil- and fragrance-free.
  • Features and Benefits

    Age.Less 15 Skin Signaling Serum's breakthrough formulation includes specific ingredients to help signal your skin to behave as it did when you were a lot younger.


    Cleanse skin and hands thoroughly. Apply Cellex-C® Complex treatment product (optional). Dispense one or two pumps of Age
  • Less 15® into palm and use fingertips of other hand, gently massage a light film of the serum over face (avoiding eye area), around neck (front and back) and down onto chest. As soon as the serum is absorbed, apply a moisturizer or moisturizing sunscreen of choice. Apply morning or night in place of Hydra 5 B-Complex or Skin Hydration Complex.
  • Ingredients

    Water / Eau / Aqua, Glycosaminoglycans, Soluble Proteoglycan, Chondroitin Sulphate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Beta-Glucan, Phenoxyethanol, Glucuronic Acid, Ellagic Acid, Anthocyanins

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