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Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow

Matte Rosy Beige
Matte Deep Mauve
Pearly Red Brown
Pearly Starry Lawn Grey
Pearly Charcoal
Pearly Copper
Pearly Old Rose
Matte Intense Brown
Pearly Coppered Chestnut
Pearly Chestnut
Pearly White
Pearly Plum Brown


Intensify the eyes with color harmonies and textures! Couleur 100% formulated in France, Caramel® Eye Shadow is rich in micro-ionized, high-performance pigments for long-lasting, crease-resistant color. This mineral eyeshadow is formulated with active organic ingredients to nourish and protect the skin while providing an exceptionally silky finish. Organic soybean oil moisturizes and replenishes while red tea extract prevents the formation of free radicals responsible for the signs of aging. Certified organic by Ecocert. Vegan.

Features and Benefits

Crease resistant mineral eye shadowsExceptionall silky finish and a long lasting hold. active ingredients:

  • Organic soybean oil: film-forming and anti-aging properties with a moisturizing ** and regenerating action.
  • Organic shea butter: moisturizing ** and regenerating, rich in natural vitamins A, E and F.
  • Organic apricot powder: leaves the skin soft.
  • Squalane vegetable origin: extract of the olive, prevents dehydration, brings comfort and a silky touch.


Apply with Eye Shadow Brush N° 6, Short Eye Shadow Brush N° 8 along the lash line, or Orbit Brush N° 11 to smudge and blend shades. For increased intensity, moisten the brush before sweeping it across the eyeshadow. If your eyeshadow should drop use your finger gently to press the shadow back to its solid form.

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