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Lash & Brow Tinting

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Skip the brow pencil!
Eyebrows and eyelashes flatter your features and frame your face. Add a little oomph, pop, and pizazz with a dramatic color. Or add depth and definition with a darker color. Do you have an upcoming special event such as a wedding or vacation, and want your eyes to look great without fear of smudging and smearing? An eyelash or eyebrow tinting service is the perfect solution for those who have lighter or blond eyelashes or for someone who just does not wish to wear makeup every day. Our expert staff help you choose the perfect shade. The tint typically lasts anywhere from three to four weeks and is water- and smudge-proof. The Lash and Brow Tinting services are all you need to achieve dark lashes and perfectly-defined eyebrows.

Benefits & Features

  • No need to wear mascara every day!
  • Thickens the look of your existing lashes
  • Defines facial features
  • Enhance appearance of the eyes
  • Good for sports, especially swimming

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