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LashFood Brow Transformation Kit



Get bolder, fuller-looking brows with the Brow Transformation System from BrowFood® by LashFood®. This system includes all the products and tools you will need to perfect your arches between appointments. This kit delivers conditioning benefits for creating brows that look healthier, fuller, and restored with continued use. Kit includes the following: Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer: This clinically demonstrated formula nourishes and creates the appearance of thicker, fuller, and stronger brows. Clients should apply to clean brows every night. 0.17 fl. oz. Ultra Fine Brow Pencil Duo: Create perfectly even-colored brows by using the different shades on each end for natural highlights and lowlights. Clear Brow Enhancing Gelfix: This multitasking brush-on will define, groom, condition, and hold brows in place all day. 0.2 fl. oz. Shaping and Blending Tools: Includes four unique, reusable brow guides specifically designed to help brow pencil users master hard-to-perfect areas like base of arches, as well as a brow brush for blending.

Features and Benefits

BrowFood Brow Transformation Kit is a brow perfecting collection containing BrowFood's core brow products and tools, including a three-month supply of a powerful brow-enhancing serum.


*Start by nourishing over-plucked, thin, uneven brows by applying the Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer onto clean brows every morning and night. *Choose one of four arch guides that best fits your brow structure. Use Ultra Fine Brow Pencil Duo and glide the darker tone along the guide to create your arch line. Fill in sparse areas with dark color. *Switch to the lighter shade and sweep over the rest of the brows to create an even finish. *Using the Eco Brow Brush, blend and shape brows into place. *Brush on the Clear Brow Enhancing GelFix to set color and hold brows in place


Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer: Phyto-Medic Complex: Revolutionary herb extracts clinically demonstrated to improve the environment surrounding the lash and brow follicles and provide the moisture balance to reinforce and drastically improve lash & brow appearance. Ultra Fine Brow Pencil Duo: Green Tea Seed Extract: Rejuvenates skin and improves the environment of brow area to help create healthier, restored looking brows. Clear Brow Enhancing Gelfix: Nano-Peptide Complex: Revolutionary, bioengineered peptide blend clinically demonstrated to provide healthier, restored looking lashes and brows.

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