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Moor Spa Facial Brush


Energize the appearance of the skin and improve its softness, texture, and elasticity with the Moor Spa® Facial Brush. Handcrafted with natural vegetable fiber bristles and a wood handle, it assists exfoliation, a key component of all Moor Spa treatments. Facial skin brushing also promotes optimal skin function and beauty and supports skin circulation and lymph drainage. 6" L x 1.5" W x 1.5" H

Features and Benefits

Assists Exfoliation. Promotes Optimal Skin Function & Beauty. Strengthens The Bioenergy System. Supports The Immune System. Supports Skin Circulation & Lymph Drainage. Helps Reduce Cellulite.


Skin brushing can be used as a treatment on its own or prior to other spa treatments. It is particularly recommended as a regimen carried out prior to body wraps, hydrotherapy, and facials. Although ideally administered by a spa professional, skin brushing can also be easily learned by the client and used in conjunction with moor baths as a home therapy.

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