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Moor Spa Gemstone Clay Body Mask 33.8 Fl. Oz.


The Moor Spa® Gemstone Clay Body Mask is truly a unique body treatment. Its green gemstone clay comes from a remote mountainside on the pristine west coast of Vancouver Island. It's rich in minerals, rare earths, and gemstone material and supplemented with the potent energetic qualities of tourmaline. CertClean certified.

Features and Benefits

Gemstone Clay: contains energetic gemstones quartz, agate, plagioclase, K-feldspar, clinichlore, actinolite, laumontite, prehnite, magnetite, diopside and molybdenite. Each of these gemstones is purported to possess specific energetic properties to create balancing, healing effects for the individual. Tourmaline: energetic mineral purported to remove anxiety, negativity and anger.


Stir thoroughly before each use. Carry out a full body exfoliation, and then apply the Gemstone Clay Body Mask. Use your choice of wrap (sheets, plastic, mylar, towels, etc.) or steam. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. Remove with warm, moist towels. Finish with Moor Spa® Body Lotion or Contour Cream.


Aqua, Illite (Green Clay), Tourmaline, Glycerin, Bentonite, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate

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