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Sparkle Skin Boost Orange Flavor 4.8 Oz.


Promote fuller, plumper-looking skin with Sparkle Skin Boost! This hydrating collagen supplement drink contains Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides and vitamin C to improve skin elasticity and nail health. This orange flavor is delicious mixed in water, smoothies, or tea. 30 servings. 5.3 oz. The collagen in this product is from a bovine source.

Features and Benefits

30 daily serves of 2,500mg VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides, 66mg of Vitamin C. Comes as a orange flavored powder, for mixing into water, smoothies or tea.


Mix one scoop (provided inside the bottle) into water, juice, a smoothie, or yogurt. Can be consumed hot or cold.


Active Ingredients: 2,500mg VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides, 66mg Vitamin C. Non-actives: Citric Acid, Natural Orange Tangerine Flavor, Pineapple Fruit Powder, Stevia Lea.

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